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Autistic Thurid Sevriens has trouble comprehending her grandmother's aversion to her fascination with Avery Norcova, a deceased actor whose kindness and talent while alive made him loved by millions, to point of his spirit living on long past his physical death. After Thurid gets in another fight with her grandmother, Avery's spirit has had enough.
Taking Thurid under his wing in the astral plane, Avery takes her to medieval Nottingham, England, a place they could avoid the stresses of day to day life, far from the abuses of reality. But after the town sheriff's mother is found dead, Thurid realizes that there might be more dangers than originally thought. 
As if the dangers of the Astral Plane weren't enough, the waking world held its own perils. Far more dangerous than a non-supportive grandmother that hounds Thurid daily life, are magical powers and those who want to abuse them. With magical powers of her own beginning to emerge and danger around every corner, doubt begins to grow in her mind of who she truly, is both in body and in soul.


Special Interests

Something that most, if not all, autistic and ADHD people share is something called 'special interests' and 'hyper-fixations'. A 'special...

Autism and Jobs

TW: Coronavirus talks; job loss So on Monday, I was told that I would be let go from my current job. What do I do in this job, you might...


One of the biggest things that I touch on in my book is autism and ADD/ADHD and I want to clear up some things that surround the autistic...

Autism and Offending

Disclaimer: this is my experience being an autistic person, and every autistic person experiences autism differently from another person....